"I tried your eye definer and it works !! I bought it at the women's show in Edmonton. My eyes had black circles and were puffy under the eyes. After just a little more than a week I can see great results from your product. I will buy more in the future and tell my friends about it, just how great it is and the price if you keep it low is awesome. A product that works for a very reasonable price"  

-Charlotte W


"I’m amazed at the results. My skin has tightened right up and my lines have reduced by more than 1/2. People have said I look over 10 years younger"

- Linda B


"I have tried many products over the years in an attempt to limit under eye lines and wrinkles. This is the first product I have tried that has worked. I started to see positive differences after only one day. So happy to have found an effective product!"

​- Sheena C 


"I used your product as a night lotion and I really liked how it made my skin feel firmer"

 - Diane M


"I felt like I had discovered a a hidden gem. Shortly after starting to use this product, I noticed a reduction in pore size and fullness under eyes where circles once were. And a beautiful base for smooth’s and creates a fresh finish.....only wish I had discovered it sooner"

  Melanie B


"The product has improved the pigmentation and decreased the size of the pores on my face. I have been told my face looks firmer and younger"

​- Rosy A


"I found after using Aloisio serum my enlarged pores appear smaller which made me very happy"

- Edie N 


"I absolutely love this product and can't wait to purchase it. My skin was much tighter and fine lines were non-existent after only a couple of days. I liked the all-natural ingredients and no sign of any adverse skin reactions. This is one of the best skin care products I have ever used"

​- Deb F


"I used this amazing product and while I was using it, I noticed that I had a brown mole on my face but it somehow seemed to get smaller so I was quite surprised!!!"

​- Hideko K 


"The product is lovely and reduces my pore size"

- Jacquie D 


"I have been using this serum for about five months now. The serum seems to improve the smoothness of my skin. I use it on all my problem area such as my neck and back of my hands addition to my face. I started going out without any makeup more often now. I feel more comfortable with my own skin, so to speak"

​- Naoko K


"I also noticed that it shrank my pores! Cleared up some blemishes too"

- Jenelle S